LGBTQ counseling, consulting and training FOR CLINICIANS

Discover Your Story 

PostScript Therapy offers LGBQ and transgender affirmative counseling for individuals, families, couples and relationships, through the process of narrative therapy. Let’s co-create a space to expand on old chapters, write new chapters, and explore different plot lines in way that promote connection, healing, accountability and empowerment.


When we enter therapy we are often asked, "What brings you in for counseling at this time?"

We brace ourselves, we may take a deep breath, we may be silent for a time and then we begin to tell our story.

Our story has villains, heroes, sidekicks, and extras. Our story has elements of pain, fear, loss, hopelessness, failure, and betrayal. Often, feelings of happiness, excitement, success, love, and connection appear out of reach or feel like a distant memory. We feel trapped and are in pain. We feel like we have been assigned a character and we want to be more than one character in one story. We want to be more than just the villain, the hero, the sidekick, and the extra. We want all parts of us to be seen and heard. We want our pain to be acknowledged and our multiple identities and perspectives honored. We want to feel empowered and have control over our narrative instead of having our narrative written for us. 

*Culturally aware and trauma informed Queer, trans, poly, kink, and fat/body affirming therapy


Stace Parlen, LMFT

In addition to my work with transgender youth, adults, and families, I am body/fat positive, polyam and kink affirmative, and specialize in working with queer, transgender/non-binary, and LGB individuals, couples, and families. I provide trainings for businesses, agencies, schools, and community member about the needs of transgender, non-binary, and queer individuals and families.  

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