Psychoeducation and workshops surrounding transgender identities for schools, communities, businesses, and clinicians

Example topics include:

  • Considerations for working with transgender youth and their families
  • Support and advocacy in the school setting,
  •  When three worlds collide: the clinician, the family, and the transgender individual
  • Transgender identity formation:  the impacts of cisnormativity and heterosexism
  • "Trans 101": language, statistics, and risk factors
  • Affirming non-binary individuals
  • Intersectionality: racism, ableism, classism, cis/sexism, fatphobia, and gender
  • Queer Therapists working with Queer Clients
  • Family and Individual Grief processes

Listen to my interview, "Interrupting the Binary on the Podcast, Hearts and other Sex Parts, where I discuss the gender binary, and its far reaching impact on identity exploration and affirmation.

Each workshop has a specific focus to tailor to the different needs of transgender individuals and those wishing to learn, support and advocate for transgender communities. Please contact to learn more about workshop themes and fees.